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Vakantie in Liberia  -  Reisinformatie over Liberi.

Provincies in Liberia: Bomi, Bong, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Lofa, Margibi, Maryland, Montserrado, Nimba, River Cess, Sinoe.

Het land ligt aan zee en is omgeven door Sierra LeoneGuinee en Ivoorkust

Hoofdstad van Liberia: Monrovia.

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Hotels in Liberia - Hotels  

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Nationale Parken

 Sapo National Park  -  omgeving Sinoe
Some of the animals to be found in the park are the pigmy hippopotamus, forest elephants, bongo antelopes, Columbus monkeys, chimpanzees, leopards, crocodiles and the Jenkink's duiker. The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) manages the park.

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties

 Geen reisbureaus gevonden.

Reisgidsen over LibiŽ / Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  -   

 Cultures of the World - Liberia  -  Patricia Levy
The highly regarded Cultures of the World ® series celebrates the diversity of other cultures in this fully updated and expanded edition. As has always been true of these outstanding titles, an abundance of vibrant photographs—including those new to this edition—stimulate the imaginations of young readers as they travel the globe.
ISBN 9780761434146

 Blog over Liberia  - 

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik in Liberia

Blauw vierkantje - illu Luchthaven Roberts International Airport [ RIA ], 37 miles from Monrovia in Margibi County
Liberia's premier airport, although the James Spriggs Payne Airport still operates flights from all over West Africa.

Brussels Airlines  
Vliegtickets naar Liberia vanaf Brussel
 KLM / Air France  -  Vliegtickets naar Liberia

 Vliegtickets / diverse maatschappijen  -  Vliegen naar Liberia

 Landkaart Liberia [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-CastaŮeda Library  -  Map Collection ]
 Kaart van Monrovia

Links / Verwijzingen

 All about Liberia  -  officiŽle website - zie kopje 'Tourism'
Natural Features | Land Marks | Arts & Craft | Night Scenes | Travel Guide | Wild Life | Weather

 MICAT  -  Liberiaans Ministerie van Informatie, Kultuur en Toerisme ???

 Monrovia  -  hoofdstad van Liberia  -  havenstad

 Bomi  -  county
 Grand Bassa
 Grand Cape Mount
 Grand Gedeh
 Grand Kru
 River Cess

 Buchanan  -  kustplaats
 Fort Norris
Fort Norris [ ppk wel 'Ducor' genoemd ] is een belangrijke toeristische attractie met veel historische monumenten waaronder een standbeeld van de eerste president van Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts.
 Greenville  -  kustplaats
 Harper  -  kustplaats
 Lake Fisherman [ het grootste meer ]
 Nimba Range [met hooogste berg ]
 Providence Island
Op deze plek kwamen in 1822 de eerste slaven uit de VS aan land, beter bekend als Americo-Liberians (of Congos) and settled temporarily. It is currently used as a place of recreation and folkdance amusement.
 Robertsport  -  kustplaats aan de Noord-Atlantische Oceaan
 Voinjama [ aan de grens met Guineay
 Yekepa [ bij drielandenpunt met Ivoorkust en Guinea ]

 Mano-brug  -  ook wel 'Brug der Zuchten' genoemd 
Grensverbinding over de rivier die Sierra Leone en Liberia van elkaar scheidt. De brug is gemeenschappelijk bezit van de drie landen van de Manu River Union [ middenstuk van de brug is Guinees grondgebied ].

 Bulbul  -  Nationale vogel ofwel pepperbird
 Charles Taylor  -  voormalig president
 Cuttington University College  -  zo'n 180 km noordelijk van Monrovia
 Dan Tribe
The Dan Tribe and sub Tribe Guere, Yacouba live in Western Ivory coast and Liberia. They are people from the rainforest. Their Art is dark, primitive and as beautiful as their Forest. They are happy people and dance at any occasion. Masked dancers, dance often on stilts. The round eyes are male masks, the thin eyes are female massks. The Masks can be male or female, but women never dance with masks.
 Don Bosco
 Joseph Jenkins Roberts  -  Stichter van Liberia
 Liberian Post  -  Liberiaans Internet Magazine
 Liberiaans voetbal  -  Liberian Soccer
 Living in Liberia  -  homepage Phillip Martin
Foto's en info over Gbarnga, Greenville, Harper, Kakata, Monrovia, Saclepea, Tappita, Voinjama, Zwedru  + nog wat bruikbare adressen.
 N'dama koeien [ website Wageningse Universiteit ]
 Nieuws - The Liberian Group
 Pepper Bird Magazine
There are more than 30 Christian denominations and sects in Liberia. There is large Muslim community, which in some areas is as large or larger than that of the Christian. Most people still practice animism.
 Tubman Family
Tubmans, a group of slaves set free by Augustan Richard Tubman in 1836. With the help of his widow, Emily, they traveled to Africa, where they settled in a colony that eventually became Liberia.
The Tubman people prospered in their new home, starting farms, churches and schools. And the grandson of two of those slaves went on to become the nation's president, one of the most powerful black men in the world.
 Won-Ldy-Paye  -  verhalenverteller
Won-Ldy Paye is a multi-talented artist from Tapita, in the northeastern region of Liberia, West Africa. He is a member of the Tlo Ker Mehn, the class of professional Dan entertainers who are keepers of the oral tradition. He was trained by his grandmother-Gowo to remember and retell the stories of the Dan people. As a child Won-Ldy learned drumming, instrument making, dancing, wood carving, mask making, fabric dyeing, and mural painting-the traditional arts and knowledge that nourish and entertain every Dan person. In addition, he studied reading, writing, and arithmetic-the skills he needed for the world beyond Tapita.

Geschiedenis van Liberia

Liberia, Africa's oldest republic came into existence as the result of treaties signed in 1821 between the aborigines and the American Colonization Society (ACS). Under these treaties, freed black slaves from the United States were to be resettled on this part of the African Continent along with 16 aboriginal tribes. Following the signing of the treaties, the first settlers landed on the historic Providence Island in January 1822. The settlers moved to the mainland where they settled along with subsequent groups of settlers of African descent including some people from the West Indies and the Congo.

1462 -- Portuguese traders arrived and established the Atlantic slave trade
1822 -- Established as a settlement for freed slaves
1847 -- Onafhankelijk op 26 juli 1847 - Eerste zwarte republiek in de wereld
1959 -- OAU (Organization of African Unity) was founded in Liberia
1980 -- Military coup in Liberia

Muziek, Kunst & Cultuur, Entertainment

 Bong Town

Cuisine - Liberiaanse keuken

 Gerechten uit Liberia  -  Esther's recepten uit Liberia 

 Liberiaans kookboek  -  Liberian Cookbook
 African Studies  -  The African Cookbook - Menus & Recipes from Africa


o Liberia, Africa's oldest republic has a unique history that has always drawn tourists to the small West African nation state.
o Africa's former "Grain Coast", has a wealth of mineral and natural resources, among which its virgin tourism industry represents a promising new source for economic and social development including infrastructure development as well.
o Like other tourist receiving and tourist generating countries worldwide, Liberia has benefited and is still benefiting from its expanded tourist industry including the contribution to the balance of payments, employment opportunities, improved travel facilities and a Capital City that boasts the lowest crime rate in West Africa.
o Liberia offers the best in tourist attraction, ranging from cultural tourism to ethnic tourism, historical tourism to environmental tourism, from recreational tourism on to business tourism.
o Liberia also offers many tourist attractions ranging from its culture and wildlife to modern facilities for an enjoyable stay.


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