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Vakantie Seychellen  -  Reisinformatie over de Seychellen.

Op zoek naar verlaten stranden met parelwitte fijne zandkorrels, overspoeld door warm, turquoise zeewater en omzoomd door wuivende palmen. Dat vind je op de Seychellen-eilanden als: Bird Island, Dennis, Desroche, Frégate, La Digue, Mahé [grootste en belangrijkste eiland met de hoofdstad Victoria ], Praslin, Silhouette

Voormalig Frans bezit.

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Hotels op de Seychellen - Hotels  

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties

 Kuoni  -  Seychellen

 Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association  -  on-line accommodatiegids
The SHTA is an organisation of 80 member hotels, guesthouses and self catering establishments. Each has its own unique style and ambience – from five-star resort property to simple family-run guest house.

Reisgidsen / Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  -   

 Natuurgids Wildlife of Seychelles - Seychellen
An easy-to-use, compact photoguide to the wildlife of the Seychelles, including tips on where to go to make the most of your visit The 115 coral islands that make up the Seychelles are a haven for wildlife, and 60 per cent of its visitors each year come from Europe...
...Trips to Bird Island - just one of the many paradise islands for birdwatchers - are now strictly regulated, but better marketed for visitors. The distant atoll of Aldabra is a world heritage site and boasts the world's largest population of giant tortoises. There are many species unique to the Seychelles due to the relatively late arrival of humans on the islands...
...This pocket-sized photographic guide is perfect for the traveller, showing and describing all the birds, mammals and plants you're likely to see, as well as all the fish that can be seen while snorkelling. It covers all the invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, and there is a 'notes for visitors' section with general advice...
Collins; 272 Blz.; 2007; ISBN 9780007201495
 Reisgids Lonely Planet Mauritius, Reunion & Seychellen
De perfecte reisgids voor zowel de georganiseerde als de zelfstandige reiziger. Naast een algemene inleiding van het land / streek vol met praktische informatie over hoe je er het beste kunt reizen: slapen, eten, vervoer, excursies ... alles kun je er in vinden.
Lonely Planet; 340 Blz.; 2007; 9781741047271
 Reisgids Seychellen - Seychelles [ Nederlands ]
Seychellen ontdekken en beleven Aan het strand, uitgaansleven Eten, drinken, overnachten Wandelingen, excursies, bezienswaardigheden.
Merian Live!; 120 Blz; 2000; ISBN 9789024372942
 Reisgids Seychelles - Seychellen
Palm-fringed silvery sands, turquoise seas, misty mountain peaks and coral reefs coupled with tropical sun, starry skies and delightful people, Seychelles is an idyllic escape for discerning travellers. With plants and animals historically linked to Africa, Madagascar and Asia, and marine life native to the tropical Indo-Pacific region, Seychelles is a haven for those interested in natural history. This guide gives fascinating coverage of the islands' biodiversity, from mangroves, turtles and birds to nature reserves and conservation projects. Seychelles' many secrets are also uncovered from coco de mer palm forests, picturesque La Digue and island bird sanctuaries to local markets and Creole cuisine.
Bradt Guide; 186 Blz.; 2008; ISBN 9781841622590
 Seychellen  -  Dick Houtzager 


 To Escape to
Search their unique selection of holiday villas, boutique apartments, luxury guest houses, hip hotels and safari camps. They offer stylish accommodation as well as your choice of holiday lifestyle.

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik op de Seychellen

 Luchthaven van Mahé - Seychelles International Airport - 10 km van de stad Victoria op Mahe
 Luchthaven Praslin Airport

 Vliegtickets / goedkoop vliegen 
Vliegen naar de Seychellen  -  diverse aanbieders

 Air Seychellen

 Aeroflot, Air France, British Airways, Kenya Airways

Er is een helicopterdienst tussen Mahé, het hoofdeiland, Silhouette, Fregate en North Island.


Ambassade van de Seychellen, Boulevard du Jubil 157, B-1210 Brussel, België, tel.: +32 2 455 6236, fax: +32 2 426 0629

 Seychelles Tourism  -  takes over your screen!

 Victoria  -  hoofdstad van de Seychellen

 Inner Island
The granitic islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue together with their satellites from the cultural heart of the archipelago.
 Outer Island
Situated beyond the Seychelles plateau comprising of 73 low lying islands between 230km and 1150 km from Mahe. Only two islands among the Outer Island groups, Alphonse and Desroches offers accomodation.

 Alphonse Island
 Bird Island
 Desroches Island
 Denis Island
 La Digue Island
La Digue lies 43 km from Mahe and 6 km from Praslin. It is a superb island with huge pink granite boulders overlooking beautiful beaches of pure white sand. Huts nestle among the trees, rubbing shoulders with a remarkable flora and fauna. It is a destination straight out of a dream for those who want to get away from it all for a few days.
Mahe, with an area of 150, is the largest island of the Seychelles. Morne Seychellois, with a peak rising to 905 metres, also makes it the highest. There are many places in Mahé worth exploring. In the North, explore Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, with its well-known port and clock tower, an exact replica of Big Ben. Mahe has several museums, a botanical garden, a tea plantation and numerous national monuments.
 North Island
 Praslin Island - Praslin, the second largest island of the archipelago
Praslin is an island with a rich history and fascinating legends. It was discovered in 1744 by Lazare Picault. At that time, it was used as a hideaway by pirates and Arab merchants.
The island of Praslin is famous for its tranquil atmosphere, fabulous unspoilt beaches and the Vallée de Mai. It is also the home of the extraordinary "Coco de Mer", or double coconut

Geschiedenis van de Seychellen

Seychelles has been a melting pot of different races, tradition, and religion. Fusing ethnic diversity into a colourful, trilingual Creote nation.
The predominant Roman catholic Church exists happily alongside other creeds, reflecting the religious and racial harmony that is the mainstay of this peacefull yet vibrant nation.

Recepten - Keuken Seychellen

 Creoolse recepten
 Gerechten van de Seychellen  -  Esther's recept uit de Seychellen


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