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Reisinformatie over het eiland Santorini.

Hoofdstad van Santorini: Fira

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Autoverhuur / Motorverhuur

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 Motorrental Santorini

Campings / Kamperen

Voor zover ik weet zijn er twee kampeerplekken op Santorini met verschillende niveaus aan faciliteieten.

 Perissa Camping
 Santorini Camping 

Hotels op Santorini

Hotels in Griekenland  Booking  -  Hotels op het eiland Santorini 
De voordelen van Booking : De laagste tarieven [ Bespaar ], Geen vooruitbetaling [ U betaalt in het Hotel ],  Kosteloos reserveren [ Geen reserveringskosten ], Kosteloos annuleren [ Geen annuleringskosten ].

 -  Hotels in Griekenland

Blauw vierkantje - illu  -  's werelds grootste online reisbureau - diverse zoekmogelijkheden

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties

 Arke Reizen  - 
Arke bestemmingen op Santorini : Imerovegli, Kamari, Messaria.

 GoMagma  -  specialist in avontuurlijke reizen naar vulkanische bestemmingen Griekenland
Santorini, Ga mee naar legendarisch Atlantis : fraaie uitzichten van de steile en hoge kliffen; verrassende wandelingen op zoek naar vulkanisme en cultuur; de aarde is nog heet! Zwem in de verwarmde zee; geniet van de gastvrijheid en typisch witte, Griekse dorpjes.

 Aktiva Tours  -  wandelvakantie  -  Paros / Santorini

 Santorini Dive Center  -  twee lokaties op het eiland
O.a. op de camping bij Perissa [ beroemde Zwarte Zand strand ] voor alle niveaus. Tweede lokatie in Akrotiri.
 Oceanwave Tours 
Private Tours, Guided Tours, Boat ToursTransfers, Weddings, Transportation, Private Boat Tours and their exclusive 'Sunset Picnic'.
 Volcano Diving School in Kamari
Diving in Santorini is an unforgettable experience. There is a multitude of underwater caves, walls and reefs, and rich marine life. In and out of the water, Santorini offers the perfect mix. Be prepared for unique holidays, that you will treasure forever.

Reisgidsen Santorini / Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  - 

Vakantiewoningen Santorini


Vervoer / Hoe kom ik op Santorini

 Luchthaven van Santorini  -  Santorini National Airport 

Regular and special seasonal flights are offered to the island of Santorini from Athens,Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Rhodes.

 Losse vliegtickets / goedkoop vliegen  -  diverse aanbieders

 Flying Dolphins 
 Blue Star Ferries
 Minoan Lines

Travelling by bus within Santorini is not without its quirks. Although there are routes to most of the main areas, bus timetables& frequencies change regularly (according to the seasons)

Donkeys and mules in Santorini are part of the native charm of the island and can be loads of fun. During the summer the main business of the day is carting the tourists up and down the endless steep steps which connect Fira town to the small port below and Ia to Ammoudi harbour. They are extremely adept at negotiating the steps, but they do have a tendency to go very fast and take the bends like racing motorcycles.

Links / Verwijzingen

Blauw vierkantje - illu Santorini Touristen Bureau

Blauw vierkantje - illu Fira  -  hoofdstad van het eiland Santorini
It is the most touristic of santorini villages and a stop for most cruise ships. The street are filled with all kind of shops, traditional and modern (many jewellery),souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and night-clubs. Despite of all the tourism, the landscapes are fantastic. Small houses in the traditional architecture, blue domed churches, sun-bathed verandas, stepped streets and as a backround, an endless blue around  the black islands of the volcano

Blauw vierkantje - illu Akrotiri
The ancient city at Akrotiri is not merely the most important archaeological site on the island, it is also, thanks to its excellent state of preservation and the wealth of finds it has yielded, the most important prehistoric settlement found anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean. Akrotiri could be called the prehistoric Pompeii of the Aegean.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Emporio
Blauw vierkantje - illu Ia - Oia is world known for its quite life and fantastic sunset
It's obviously the most beautiful and picturesque of santorini villages, hanging from the cliff. Oia offers you a different angle of view of the volcano (Palia & Nea Kameni) and of the small island of Thirasia. Oia is also build in a traditional way with blue domed churches, sun-bathed verandas, stepped streets. Many of the buildings are built into niches in the rock. There are also plenty of tourist shops, but less commercial than in Fira.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Imerovigli
Imerovigla is a beautiful and peaceful village. It's a perfect village to stay.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Firostefani
Firostefani is the nearest village to Fira (1 km away), it is today the extension of Fira. You can find there one of the most famous  blue domed church of Santorini villages which post card made the round of the world
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kamari 
Blauw vierkantje - illu Karterados
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kontochori
Blauw vierkantje - illu Megalochori
Blauw vierkantje - illu Messaria
Messaria is a village situated 4 km south-east of Fira.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Monolithos
Blauw vierkantje - illu Perissa
Blauw vierkantje - illu Perivolos.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Pyrgos
Pyrgos offers a full 360 panoramic view of the island.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Vlihada
Blauw vierkantje - illu Vothonas 
Blauw vierkantje - illu Vourvoulos

Blauw vierkantje - illu Mesa Vouno
The strategic qualifications of the site attracted the attention of the Lacedaemonian colonisers of the island who founded their city upon the limestone rock of Mesa Vouno. From the 9th century B.C. until the spread of Christianity, the city of Mesa Vouno was the only urban center of the island.

Blauw vierkantje - illu Kabelbaan in Fira
The cable car travels up the path and in three minutes time you're comfortably in the beautiful town of Fira, Santorini's capital,which is at the altitude of 220 meters.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Panagia Episkopi
In de buurt van Mesa Gonia staat de kerk van Panagia Episkopi, gesticht door de byzantijnse keizerAlexius I Comnenus. The marble templon of the church is a rare example of marble-carving combined with wax decoration. De muurschilderingen van de kerk dateren van ongeveer 1100.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Vulkaan
Twee kleine eilandjes in het centrum van de Santorini caldera, Palea en Nea Kameni, " de vulkaan " voor de plaatselijke bevolking, zijn de jongste vulkanische stukken grond in het oostelijke Middellandse Zee-gebied. Palea Kameni [ Old Burnt Island ] is minder dan 2000 jaar oud, terwijl Nea Kameni (Young Burnt Island) zich zo'n 425 jaar geleden begon te vormen and its youngest lavas are less than 50 years old. These two islands represent the volcano's most recent activity.

Cuisine - Griekse keuken

The island's cuisine, dependent on locally grown produce, fish and seafood from the Aegean Sea, has become timely again today by proving once more how delicious and healthy this cuisine truly is. 

The tomato croquettes made from tiny, delicious tomatoes, the split pea puree known as "fava" with all its different versions, the white aubergine with its firm body, the wild rabbit, the fish with capers, the salads with caper leaves, the fresh goat cheese and the sweet "melitinia" have found their place once again on the restaurant menus. Together with the drink "tsikoudia", the wonderful white wines, and the sweet dessert wine "vinsanto", the Santorini cuisine satisfies even the most demanding plates.

The island produces especially excellent dry white wines (a wide choice of over sixty local brands), dry red wine (in very small quantities) and sweet dessert wines (vinsanto).


Two great civilizations have left their mark on Santorini. The one belongs to prehistoric times and is that which is coming to light in the excavations at Akrotiri. The other is the Greek civilization and is represented by the ancient city located on Mesa Vouno.

Blauw vierkantje - illu Archaeological Museum
In Fira, the island's capital, stands the Archeological Museum in which are housed finds representing the island's long history. The Museum contains collections of sculpture (ranging from the Archaic to the Roman period), inscriptions (ranging from the Archaic to the Roman period) and vases and clay figurines (dating from the Geometric to the Hellenistic periods).
Blauw vierkantje - illu Folklore Museum
Located in Kontohori, Fira, in a cave house built in 1861. The museum displays workshops of carpenters, barrel makers, shoe makers and tinsmiths as well as an original old winery, a gallery with works of local current artists and document archives.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Museum of Prehistoric Thera
The Museum of Prehistoric Thera, located in  the island's capital Fira, is not an ordinary provincial museum. Its special contents, masterpieces of art in the prehistoric Aegean, such as the famous wall-paintings and the unique gold ibex figurine, place it on a par with the Acropolis Museum of Classical Greece (Parthenon sculptures) and the Vergina Museum of Northern Greece.


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