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De kanaaleilanden lenen zich uitstekend om het actieve met het bourgondische te combineren. Met hun leuke stadjes en dorpjes, interessante bezienswaardigheden, glooiende heuvels en woeste baaien met klifpaden, waar het heerlijk fietsen en wandelen is.

Betreft de eilanden : Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey en Sark.

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Autoverhuur Kanaaleilanden

  -  prijsvergellijking mogelijk  -  laagste prijzen in de markt
Breed assortiment, one-way verhuur mogelijk, geen autoreserveringskosten, geen creditcardkosten!
O.a aanbiedingen Alamo, Dollar, Europcar en Herz. Verder de mogelijkheid om tegelijkertijd een hotel te boeken

Hotels / Bed & Bbreakfast Kanaaleilanden

 Booking - Hotels op de Kanaaleilanden  - Hotelgids Kanaaleilanden
Hotels in Saint Helier Jersey, Jersey, St Brelade, St Martin Guernsey, Castel, Rozel, St Lawrence, Saint Aubin, Saint Peter Port, Grouville, St Mary, Jersey, en meer ...

 The Club Hotel & Spa *****, Green Street, JE2 4UH St Helier
The Club Hotel & Spa is een nieuw vijfsterrenhotel in het centrum van St.-Helier, de hoofdstad van jersey. Het is een luxe-bestemming met een exclusieve spa en het Bohemia restaurant met Michelinsterren.

 Apollo Hotel ***, St. Saviour's Road, JE2 4GJ St. Helier
Het Apollo Hotel is één van de beste hotels van jersey, en ligt in het centrum van St.-Helier, volledig met een grote parkeergarage. Het werd gebouwd rondom een tuin met een zwembad en fontein en er is ook een overdekt zwembad en een sportcentrum.
2 zwembaden, 2 bars en 2 restaurants. Het stadscentrum is vlakbij en er is veel parkeergelegenheid. Het grootste restaurant kijkt uit over het zwembad en de tuin, terwijl het informele café naast het overdekte zwembad ligt en snacks, drankjes of lichte maaltijden serveert in een ontspannende atmosfeer. Er zijn 2 bars, o.a. de Boot & Ball pub.

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 Hotels-accommodations in the UK
 UK Bed & Breakfast

Reisbureaus / Aanbiedingen

 Fairway Golftravel  -  Golfreizen
 Sinbad Wandelvakanties
Elke eilandencombinatie tussen Jersey, Guernsey, Herm en Sark is mogelijk. Volledig verzorgde Excursie- en Tuinenreizen. Ook voor fietsverhuur. U kunt kiezen tussen een vliegreis of een combinatie van eigen vervoer met een bootovertocht.
 Cottage Holidays

Reisgidsen Kanaaleilanden / Magazine/ Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  - 

 Landscapes of Guernsey  -  Geoff Daniel
Met informatie over Alderney, Sark and Herm.

Vakantiewoning op de Kanaaleilanden

 UK Cottage

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik op de Kanaaleilanden

 Luchthaven van Guernsey [ GCI ]  -  Guernsey Airport
 Luchthaven van Jersey [ JER ]

 Luchthaven Pleurtuit [ DNR, Frankrijk ]

 Vliegtickets / goedkoop vliegen kanaaleilanden 
Diverse aanbieders / prijsvergelijking mogelijk.

 Condor Ferries  -  veerboot naar Kanaaleilanden
 Sark Shipping  -  bootverbinding Guernsey - Sark v.v.
 Celtic Travel Seabridges

Links / Verwijzingen

 Channel Islands Tourist Board  -  Toeristenbureau Kanaaleilanden
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 The States of Guernsey  -  website overheid van Guernsey

Alderney, the third largest of the Channel Islands invites you to travel to and discover one of the few, unspoiled, peaceful, natural and totally relaxing British Isles. Imagine a little island - just one and a half miles wide and three and a half miles long with just over two thousand friendly and welcoming inhabitants. Like Guernsey and Jersey, the island enjoys a mild climate and independence, with its own government and a fledgling off-shore finance and E-commerce sector.
Despite its closeness to mainland France (8 miles), Guernsey (23 miles), Jersey (30 miles) and the Isle of Wight (60 miles), Alderney has managed to avoid mainstream tourism. Remote, yet well-connected with direct scheduled air links from the UK, Alderney has its own airport and harbour.
 Herm- Island
Just twenty minutes from Guernsey, Herm is a 'time-out' from the twenty first century. The ferry docks near the island's tiny village, which offers drinks, gifts, snacks and meals and is overlooked by an ancient Norman chapel. Herm's peculiar history has left traces of Neolithic man, Breton monks, pirates, quarrymen and a colourful collection of tenants including hapless Army officers, a Bloomsbury author who fled from its 'mystical powers' and a Prussian Prince who inexplicably introduced 30 wallabies.
Modern day Herm differs little from its ancient past. Birds and exotic shells still abound, and the beaches and hedgerows are alive with natural beauty. Even at the height of summer you are still guaranteed a private spot somewhere on the island's shore, whose timeless tranquillity and white sand continue to cast a powerful spell. So be warned: Herm may well take over that corner of your mind that you retreat to when you need a break. You won't be alone.
One of the last feudal outposts, Sark is a beautiful and intriguing island that refuses to kow-tow to the motor car. From the Dame of Sark's dignified resistance to German occupation to a recent bizarre, attempted putsch by an armed businessman (foiled by locals leaving the pub) Sark remains reassuringly independent. There are forty miles of coastline to explore, along with shaded valleys of wild flowers and small coves. The gardens of the Seigneurie, the island's church and tiny prison (AD1856) are well worth a visit.
For Channel Islanders, Sark is synonymous with tractor rides up from the miniature, piratical Creux harbour, horse drawn taxis, and long lobster lunches. If that sounds good then why not join us? Visitors should note that in Sark there is no word for 'stress'.

 St Anne's  -  hoofdstad van het eiland Alderney
St. Anne is a tumble of narrow cobbled streets flanked by colour-washed cottages and town houses. Victoria Street hosts a variety of shops, pubs and restaurants, along with banking and postal services. The Church is one of the finest in the Channel Islands and the island hall retains the dignity of its former role, as Government House.
The town's museum paints a dramatic picture of an island steeped in military history. Its imposing coastal forts earned it the reputation of being "The Gibraltar of the Channel" but were soon outmoded by long range artillery , as was the massive breakwater at Braye, built to shelter the British fleet. A fine bay sits alongside, with others at Crabby and Platte Saline (but beware of the strong undertow on these two). The north coast boasts the beautiful bays of Corblets, Arch and Saye, with good sand and safe swimming.

 Guernsey Post Office  -  postkantoor van Guernsey  -  postzegels
With the latest news and releases from the British Channel Islands of Guernsey and Alderney.
 Hauteville House
Hauteville House is a beautiful and eclectic cultural repository. Every room is steeped in the sprit of the man and his passions. Despite his achievements as an author, Hugo confided in a friend, "I was born to be a decorator". That self assessment does him a disservice: his decoration owes more to fine art than DIY and is the prefect complement to the house's permanent art collection.
 Nieuws vande Kanaaleilanden  -  This is Guernsey  -  The Guernsey Press website
With a dedicated page for arts and another for cinema.
 St. James Concert & Assembly Hall
St James Concert Hall, originally a Church, is now a concert hall with excellent acoustics and serves the Island and its visitors with concerts, entertainment religious events and business meetings.
 Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo, one of France's literary giants, spent 15 years in exile in Guernsey between 1855 and 1870. Having fled France, Hugo spent a short spell at St Clement's, in Jersey, before taking up residence at Hauteville House, which is now the property of the City of Paris.
During his fifteen years on the island he made a lasting impression and wrote some of his most famous works.
Victor Hugo's home, for most of his exile in Guernsey, was Hauteville House, which remains today as it was left, for visitors to see his individual style of decoration.

Cuisine - Recepten uit Guernsey

Islanders' Norman roots and cosmopolitan seafaring heritage combine with Guernsey's perfect gardening climate, bountiful ocean and arguably the best milk in the world to make this an island paradise for eating and drinking.

Guernsey serves many local delicacies, one of which is Guernsey Gâche. Each summer visitors can be heard wrestling with unlikely pronunciations of the island's favourite fruit loaf - a staple at all beaches, traditionally served with tea and rich, yellow Guernsey butter. But have no fear; locals recognise the knotted brow and hesitant manner before the kiosk menu board. It's pronounced 'Gosh' and, well. we know what you mean. Watch out too for Gâche Melée, the delicious local apple cake.

 Good Food Guernsey

Geschiedenis Kanaaleilanden

The islands became part of the Duchy of Normandy in 933 AD and records reveal many Guernsey family names in the Norman invasion of England in 1066. Islanders may still joke that it is one of their oldest possessions, but the British monarch continues to hold the title of the Duke of Normandy in the islands: a living legacy of William the Conqueror.

 Constitution of Guernsey Channel Islands  -  800 year celebration
2004 was an exceptional year for Guernsey as they celebrated 800 years of their unique history. 
 Guernsey Museums & Galeries
Guernsey Museum & Art Gallerie, Castle Cornet and Fort Grey>
Service is provided by the government of the (British) Channel Island of Guernsey and run by a Heritage Committee, which also administers the Island Archives Service, together with the listing and protection of historic buildings and sites, including shipwrecks.


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