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Reisinformatie over Turks en Caicos eilanden.

Acht bewoonbare eilanden: Salt Cay, Grand Turk, South Caicos, Middle Caicos, North Caicos, Providenciales, Parrot Cay en Pine Cay.

East Caicos en West Caicos tesamen met diverse andere fascinerende 'cays' zijn onbewoond.

Overzees gebied van Groot-BrittanniŽ dat uit twee gorpen tropische eilanden bestaat. Zuidoostelijk van de Bahama's.

Hoofdstad van Turks en Caicos : Cockburn Town op Grand Turk, het grootste eiland

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Hotels op Turks & Caicos 

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Nationaal Park

The salt ponds and inland marshes serve as excellent feeding grounds for resident and migratory birds. Search for Great Blue Herons, Flamingos, osprey and Pelicans alongside Egrets, Terns, Frigates, Boobies and other water birds. As part of the National Parks system more than twelve small cays have been set aside and protected for breeding grounds.

On some of the less disturbed and smaller islands such as Little Water Cay or Great Sand Cay, it is the Turks island Iguana that dominates the land. The Iguana is endangered and delicate but it thrives on these deserted islands, away from the influence of man. These islands are also protected by the National Parks system.

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties 

Club Med: specialist in luxe all-inclusive reizen 
Turquoise - Clubdorp voor volwassenen
Windacademie [zeilen, windsurfen, kitesurfen ], Diepzeeduiken*, snorkelen met boottochtjes; Vliegende trapeze, trampoline, Club Med fitness

 Amorgos  -  Zeilvakantie of Zeilcursus?

Reisgids / Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  -   

 Diving and Snorkeling: Turks and Caicos Islands  -  Steve Rosenberg 
This guide to the Turks and Caicos Islands offers information on the area's attractions both above and below the water. On land there is a blend of European colonial charm and spicy Caribbean flavour, whilst beyond the beaches, underwater activities attract divers and snorkellers.
Paperback | 128 Pagina's | Lonely Planet Publications | UK Edition


 Caribbean Way
Privately-owned Parrot Cay, the world-renowned retreat island, is home to a collection of secluded Turks and Caicos villas, including the ultra-stylish Turks and Caicos villa complex known as Rocky Point.
Guests of a Turks and Caicos villa can enjoy an extensive coral reef system and sweeps of soft white-sand beaches, making these islands a hidden treasure for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Staying at Turks and Caicos villas, you may also indulge in an eco-tour or any number of exciting water sports on the archipelago's most famous blue-green virtue. Ideal for romance, family holidays, and adventure seekers, a Turks and Caicos villa holiday can't help but entice travelers to come back over and over again.

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik op Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands have 3 International Airports

 Grand Turk Airport
 Providenciales  -  Provo Airport
 South Caicos

All other islands have domestic airports except for East and West Caicos, which are uninhabited. You will fly into Providenciales upon entry to the islands and then can easily take a commuter flight to the other islands.

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 Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board [ toeristenbureau Turks ]
Covering 193 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, the Turks and Caicos Islands has the third largest coral reef system and the best tropical beaches in the world, making it a premier beach, diving and snorkelling destination and an ideal location for romance, family vacations, ecotourism and adventure seekers...

 Cockburn Town [ Grand Turk ] - Capital City of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Administrative capital [ seat of government ever since 1766 ] and the historic and cultural center of the islands . It is strongly reputed to be the landfall island of Columbus during his discovery of the New World in 1492.
Cockburn Town, gesticht in 1681, was de eertse permanente nederzetting op de eilanden [ door zoutzoekers ].

 Salt Cay
 Grand Turk  -  Hoofdeiland Turks & Caicos
Grand Turk is one of the main historical points of Turks and Caicos. You will find many Burmudian and Colonial style buildings and ruins, along with The Turks and Caicos National Museum.
 South Caicos
 Middle Caicos
 North Caicos
 Providenciales / Provo
Grace Bay which features the famous 12 mile Grace Bay beach is the location for most of the tourism infrastructure, the Princess Alexandra Marine Park, and the playground of " Jo Jo " the famous bottlenose dolphin. Visitors to the Islands Sea Center discover how to grow Conch from tiny veligers to four-year-old adults. This is where most of the water sport activities take place from diving to deep sea fishing and everything in between.
 Parrot Cay
 Pine Cay

 Ambergis Cays
 Balfour Town
 Blue Hills [ Providenciales ]
 Bottle Creek [ North Caicos ]
 Cockburn Harbour [ South Caicos ]
 Discovery Bay
 Grace Bay
 Hawk's Nest Anchorage  -  meets nabije ankerplaats Cockburn Town
Hoewel beschut gelegen, it should only be entered in good light due to reefs near the entrance.
 Long Bay
 Salt Cay
 Seal Cays
 Whitby Beach 

 Coral Reef
The islands are arrayed around the edges of two large limestone plateaus, the Turks Bank, with deep offshore waters that serve as major transit points for Humpback Whales, spotted Eagle rays, Manta Rays and Turtles. Anglers who are fishing for Tuna, Wahoo and Blue Marlin use these same rich waters. Bordering the edges of the islands are lines of coral reef and some of the most impressive walls of coral in the Caribbean.
 Molasses Reef Wreck - dated 1505
The oldest known shipwreck in the Western Hemisphere; lies in the vicinity of Cockburn Town.

 Magazine  -  Times of the Islands  -  Turks and Caicos Islands International Magazine
For people who have more than a casual interest in the Turks and Caicos.
 Pers  -  TC Free Press  -  Turks and Caicos Islands Newspaper
 Radio  -  RTC  -  Live radio from Turks & Caicos [ RealAudio ]
Radio Turks and Caicos, Grand Turk, Official Government News Radio.

Cuisine - Turks & Caicos Cooking Recipes

De voornaamste landbouwprodukten betreffen mais, bonen, cassave [ tapioca ], citrusvruchten, en natuurlijk vis. Plaatselijk eten met veel vis, erwten en rijst.

HGeschiedenis van Turks & Caicos

The first people to truly discover the islands were the Taino Indians, who unfortunately left little behind but ancient utensils. Then the Lucayans eventually replaced the Tainos but by the middle of the 16th Century they too had disappeared, victims of Spanish enslavement and imported disease.
The 17th century saw the arrival of settlers from Bermuda, who established themselves on Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos. They used slaves to rake salt for British colonies in America, and were later joined by British Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution.

 Turks & Caicos National Museum
In these pages you will find a thorough record on all aspects of the History of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The pages show material that is on display: The Molasses Reef Shipwreck, Lucayans, Space Race, Stamps and plants in the Museum Garden. If you want just an idea of the History of the islands visit the section entitled Timeline.
There is also material from our Recent Research Projects. This covers such things as Slavery, Message In A Bottle Project, Royal Events, Sisal Industry, Salt Industry and Shipwrecks.


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