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Vakantie in Wit-Rusland  - Reisinformatie Wit-Rusland.

Republiek Wit-Rusland - Respublika Byelarus' - voormalige Wit-Russiche Sovjet Republiek

Regio's in Wit-Rusland : Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk, Mogilev en Vitebsk

Grenst in het noorden en oosten aan Rusland, in het zuiden aan Oekra´ne, in het zuidwesten aan Polen, in het noordwesten aan Litouwen en Letland.

Hoofdstad van Wit-Ruland: Minsk

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Hotels in Wit-Rusland / Hostels


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 All Belarus
Hotels in the main cities of Belarus : Minsk, Barnovichi, Bobruisk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk. But also in smaller towns.

Nationale Parken

From the ancient times Belarus is called 'Lakeland' [ there are > 11,000 lakes and > 20,000 rivers and brooks in the country ]. Blue, deep blue and almost black mirrors of lakes are hidden in the forest thickets or glimmer joyfully in the meadows... Lakes are the eyes of Belarus, therefore the country is called blue-eyed.

 Berezinsky Nature Reserve

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties

 Eurocult Reizen
 Tiara Tours International
 Voyage & Culture

Reisgidsen / reisliteratuur

 Bruna  -   

 Belarus  -  Lee Hogan
Paperback | Roc | USA Edition | 2002

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik in Wit-Rusland

 Luchthaven van Minsk

 KLM / Air France

 Losse vliegtickets naar Wit-Rusland / Goedkoop vliegen Wit-Rusland
Diverse aanbieders, prijsvergelijking vliegtickets naar Wit-Rusland mogelijk.

 BELRW  -  spoorwegen van Wit-Rusland

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 Belarus Embassy US
General information on Belarus: Government, Ministries, Politics, Business & Economy, Science & Education, Universities, Culture & Arts, Religion, Theatre, Music, Sports & Recreation, Travel, Media, and much more

 Minsk  -  hoofdstad Wit-Rusland  -  Minsk City
Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus and the centre of the region and district of the same name. It lies over the Minsk Hills upon the both banks of the river Svisloch. Minsk is divided into 9 city districts and includes also 1 urbanized settlement Sokol.
Minsk is a city of quite an ancient history. It was firstly mentioned in chronicles in 1067 A.D. The Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus are settled in MInsk.
Located at the strategic crossroads from East to West and from North to South, from Moscow to Warsaw and from Vilnius to Kiev, Minsk is an important transport junction with several bus and railway stations, 2 airports (1 national) and metro network.

 Brestskaya Oblast
Encircled by a green belt, Brest is located in the southwest of the Republic of Belarus
The main tourist centres are Brest, Baranovichi, Pinsk, Kobrin, the state national park Belovezhskaya Puscha (v.Kameniuki of the Kamenets district).
Rest areas are located in picturesque natural scenery on the territory of the Brest lakes, including: the Beloye Lake (Brest region), the Beloye Lake (Berioza district), the Gat' (Baranovichi district), the Papernia (Pruzhany district), the Selets (Berioza district), the Vygonoschanskoye Lake (Ivatsevichi district), the Zavishye (Ivanovo district), the Mukhavets River etc.
 Brest Region Map
 Mogilev Region  -  Mahilyowskaya Oblast  -  in het oosten van de republiek
The highest point of the region (239 m above sea level) is located near the railway station Temny Les (Dark Forest), the lowest point (126 m above sea level) - near the village of Gaishin by the river Sozh in Slavgorod district.
The landscapes of the region are various: picturesque hills of Mstislavl district give place to the low Central Berezina plain. Green forests in the south change into meadows and fields in the east of the region.
There are numerous construction materials fields (chalk, clay, sand, gravel) and several mineral water springs on the territory of the region. There is phosphorite along the river Sozh from Mstislavl to Krichev.
The region's river network is rather dense. The largest rivers are the Dnieper, the Beresina, the Sozh, the Svisloch, the Druts, the Pronya, the Ptich. There are very few lakes, the largest is Zaozerye with an area of 0.58 sq. km. There is Chigirinskoye reservoir on the river Drut with an area 21.1 sq. km.
The woods cover 35% of the area of the region. The highest forest density (up to 60%) is in Glusk, Bykhov, Osipovichi and Klichev districts. There are 2 preserves on the territory of the region: Zaozerye hydrological preserve and Cherikov hunting preserve.
Steden in de Mogilev Regio : Bobruisk, Mogilev, Osipovichi.
 Vitebsk Region - Vitsyebskaya Oblast - Located in the north-east of Belarus
The Vitebsk area is located on north-east of Republic Belarus in the upper and mean flow of Western Dvina river and in upper locales of the Dnieper. In a northwest the area bounds with Latvia and Lithuania. Vitebsk Region has a rich historical past. The nature has presented Vitebsk generously with forests, a bizarre mosaic of lakes and deep rivers

 Brest  -  aan de grens met Polen
 Gomel / Homyel'  -  historische stad
 Grodno / Hrodna
 Mogilev / Mahilyow
The name Naroch is well-known not only to every Belarussian but also far beyond the boundaries of the country — the unique beauty of this place and its soft climate made the Naroch region a most favorite of all the Belarussian holiday resorts. Due to that fact the National park źNarochansky╗ was set up here in 1999.
 Vitebsk / Vitsyebsk

 Holy Saviour Church
One of the finest examples of early 12th-century religious architecture.
 St. Efrasinnia Monastery

 Magazine / tijdschrift  -  Delo Belarus
Monthly business magazine. Supplements in English and German available
 Nieuws uit Wit-Rusland  -  Belarus Today  -  dagelijks nieuws e-paper
 Radio  -  Radio Roks  -  FM radio in Belarus [ streaming audio live available ]
 Radio & TV  -  The National State Teleradiocompany

Cuisine - Wit-Russiche keuken

 My Belarus

Geschiedenis van Wit Rusland

Onafhankelijk op 25 augustus 1991 (from Soviet Union); the Belarusian Supreme Soviet issued a proclamation of independence; on 17 July 1990 Belarus issued a declaration of sovereignty

 National Museum of Culture and History of Belarus

Muziek, Cultuur en Entertainment

The sources of the traditional Belarusian music are in the popular music of Eastern Slavs of the Kievan Rus period. The first bearers of secular professional tradition were skomorokhs.
By the 15th century the local type of "znamennogo" descant in the orthodox church music appeared.
In the musical culture of the second half of the 16th - beginning of the 17th centuries were reflected the tendencies of Renaissance and ideas of Reformation.
In the 17th century "Partesnoe" singing (choral concerts, psalms) was set.
In the 18th century private theatres and chapels of the Radizivils, Sapegas, Oginskys and other nobles became the centres of musical culture

Webportaal / Zoekmachine

 Data Minsk
Belarusian Art Gallery, Belarusian Engineering Academy, Belarusian Historical Review, The European Humanities University, Youth Organizations, Musical Movement, The Mir Castle, Minsk In The Fifties, Other Belarusian Web-sites  -  o.a een traveler's guide to Belarus, campings, stedeninfo
 Belarus Guide
General guide to Belarus including travel tips, pictures of the countryside, background to local politics and city guides.
Info on accommodations, maps, travelogues, and the weather in Belarus.
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