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Vakantie Tadjikistan  -  Reisinformatie Tadjikistan, Centraal AziŽ.

Republiek Tadjikistan  - Jumhurii Tojikistan  - vroegere Tadjikische Socialistische Sivjet Republiek

Tajikistan grenst aan Uzbekistan en KirgiziŽ; in het zuiden aan Afghanistan en in het oosten aan China.

Regio's in Tadjikistan : Sogdiyskaya Oblast, Khatlon Oblast and Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast

Steden in Tadjikistan: Gharm, Khorog / Khorugh, Kulyab, Khujand, Kofarnihon, Konibodom, Kurgan-Tyube, Panjakent, Urpteppa
Hoofdstad van Tadjikistan : Dushanbe.

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Hotels / Guesthouses

Blauw vierkantje - illu Smooth Hound Systems
A wide range of holiday and business accommodation Worldwide. Bed & breakfast room rates to suit all pockets.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Best Eastern Hotels  -  Hotels in Dushanbe

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Nationaal Park in Tadjikistan

Blauw vierkantje - illu Tajik National Park
Establishment of the Tajik National Part started in 1996. This is one of the most amazing parts of the world where severe mountains, fantastic valleys, wild mountain rivers and calm lakes with crystal clear water create a wonderful harmony that only nature can create. Fauna in the National Park is rich and diversified. Some of the species have been preserved only here. There are still places in the National Park where animals do not fear humans, and the natural beauty is not yet lost.

Reisbureaus / Reisorganisaties

 Travel Tajikistan  -  deel van The Great Game Travel Company Limited
Tour operator gespecialiseerd in avontuurlijke vakanties in Tajikistan. UK Office: Belfast

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Reisgidsen / Reisliteratuur

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Vervoer / Hoe kom ik in Tadjikistan

 Luchthaven van Dushanbe  -  Dushanbe Airport

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Links / Verwijzingen

Blauw vierkantje - illu Republic of Tajikistan
There are sports, tourist and Alpine bases situated at the banks Kirakum Artifical Sea, Lake Iskanderkul 9named after Alexander the Grate), Alpine lakes in fan mountains, Varzob Gorge, (40 km from Dushanbe), as well as Khoja Obi-Garm and Garmshashma health centers, Obi Zulol thermal sources, etc.

Blauw vierkantje - illu Viloyati Avtonomii Badakhshoni Kuni [ Khorugh - het vroegere Khorog ]
Blauw vierkantje - illu Viloyati Khatlon [ Qurghonteppa - het vroegere Kurgan-Tyube ]
Blauw vierkantje - illu Viloyati Leninobod [ Khujand - het vroegere Leninabad ]

Blauw vierkantje - illu Dushanbe  -  Hoofdtad van Tadjikistan

Blauw vierkantje - illu Gharm
Blauw vierkantje - illu Khorog / Khorugh
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kulyab
Blauw vierkantje - illu Khujand
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kofarnihon
Blauw vierkantje - illu Konibodom
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kurgan-Tyube
Blauw vierkantje - illu Panjakent
Blauw vierkantje - illu Urpteppa

Blauw vierkantje - illu Khodjand
Dates back to the 7th century BC and was a key crossroads on the Silk Road with routes branching off in all directions. At its height, the city was a renowed religious center and today the magnificient citadel, the mausoleum of Shiekh Muslihitdin and an 18th-century mosque are among the monuments which atttact visitors.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Ura-Tube
Ura-Tube is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Tajikistan and its long history includes capture by Alexander the Great. Besides a number of mosques, mausoleums and madrases, the surrounding region also contains rich archaeological treasures, including the city Shahristan.

Blauw vierkantje - illu Fansk mountains  -  mountaineering, excursions
Blauw vierkantje - illu File Hodzha Lakon-peak Dream  -  mountaineering
Blauw vierkantje - illu Hissar Mountains  -  adventure, horseback riding, excursions
Blauw vierkantje - illu Hissar Historic and Cultural Reserve - located near the capital Dushanbe
A fascinating archaeological complex which sholars say dates from the 15th century. Several mosques, a caravanserai, a madrase and a mausoleum have all benn excavated and are on display.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Karategin  -  fishing trout
Blauw vierkantje - illu Khatlon  -  bear hunt and Tajik Sheep
The hunting region is located 320-350 km from Dushanbe. It is a 7-8 hour drive. The average hunting area elevation is 1,600-1,700 meters. Hunters stay in tent camps with maximum comfort available in the field. Hunting takes place at the boar stamping ground in early autumn under broom trees; if later - under apple, pear or cherry trees, and in the wheat or pea fields. Very often an ambush takes place near local villages and residential area, sometimes in a backyard. The animals simply terrorize local people, very often completely destroying the crops, thus causing a great material loss to communities.
Hunting Tajik Sheep takes place in the mountains of "Pianj Kara-Tau" situated 250 km south of Dushanbe near the Tajik-Afghan boarder. It is a 200 km drive on a good road and 50 km on a side track. Hunting takes place at the elevation of 600-700 meters above sea level. Hunting always happens in autumn and/or in winter.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Pamir mountain Range  -  peak Somoni and peak Korzhenevskoj - mountaineering
Pamir mountain range, sometimes called 'The Roof of the World'. From here spread the three great ranges of Central Asia - the Hindu Kush, the Karakorams, and the Tien Shan.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Pariyon and Temurdara Lakes  -  Hissar Mountains
The beauty of the Lakes, their amazingly clear water and the surrounding landscape turned them into a living legend. The water of the Lakes has a wonderful ability to calm down body and soul, make a person vigorous and cheerful. It has been many years already since calmness and quietness of the Lakes turned them into a popular site of family recreation: walks in the area and swimming in the lakes are considered the best way to remove any concerns from one' s mind. Ecologically pure food (honey, diary products, fruit and vegetables) in a combination with clean air, clear water and active rest will provide tourists with energy for a long time.
The lakes have always been surrounded by many rumors and legends. Twenty five years ago an expedition was organized to the area looking for traces of a Yeti.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Peak Somoniyan a way pevroprohodtsev  -  mountaineering
Blauw vierkantje - illu Penjikent  -  oude stad
A Sogdian city which flourished from the 5th to 8th centuries. It is so well preserved it has been dubbed 'Central Asia's Pompeii'. An opulent governor's palace, homes and temples can be seen. Greek, Chinese, Persian and Indian artistic influences are evident.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Tajik State Institute of Art
A unique school in Republic Tajikistan which prepares for experts in the field of culture and arts.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Tajik State National University [ russian language ]
Blauw vierkantje - illu Tajikistan Scout Association  -  Assosiatsiya Skautov Tadzhikistana
Blauw vierkantje - illu Yagnob wall  -  Rock-climbing
Blauw vierkantje - illu Varzob gorge  -  Para gliding
Blauw vierkantje - illu Zijde Route

Geschiedenis van Tadjikistan

Tadjikistan was part of the emirate of Bukhara, which in effect became a protectorate of Russia in 1868. Following the Russian Revolution, 1917, it became part of the Turkestan Soviet Socialist Autonomous Republic in 1918. The Tadjik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was created as part of the Uzbek SSR in 1924 and became a Soviet Socialist Republic in 1929. It declared independence from the Soviet Union in the 9th of September 1991.

Muziek, Kunst & Cultuur, Evenementen

At the end of 10th century, Firdowsi creates his famous heroic epopee "Shakhname", outweighing all existed works. 11th century was marked by creation of such genre as romantic epos. There appears a number of poems written by Unsuri, Ayoki, Gunguri in this style, but the wreath of beauty became "Khamsa"( ) of Nizami composed by him in the 12th century. In 13th century there appears "Bustan" and "Gulistan" of Saadi, in 14th century the works of continuers of romantic epos - Amir Khusravi Dekhlavi and Khadju Kirmani, Kamol Khujandi and the master of gazelle - Hofiz.

 Muziek Centraal AziŽ  -  zie 'Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia'
Rough Guides; World Music Network;
 Music of Central Asia, vol 2
Invisable face of the beloved - Classical music of the Tajiks and Yzbeks
Smithonian Folkways SFW CD 40521 (CD en DVD)


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