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Vakantie in Koeweit  -  Reisinformatie Koeweit

Staat Koeweit - Dawlat al Kuwayt - Constitutionele monarchie

Koeweit is een kleine olierijk staatje op het Arabisch schiereiland aan de kust van de Perzische Golf, grenzend aan Saoedi-ArabiŽ in het zuiden en Irak in het noorden.

Governorates in Kuweit [ muhafazat ]: Al Ahmadi, Al Jahrah, Al Kuwayt, Hawalli, Al Farwaniyah

Hoofdstad van Kuweit : Koeweit Stad

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Autoverhuur Koeweit e-sixt  -   

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Hotels in Koeweit

Hotels in Kuweit  [ ebookers ]  -  Hotels in Kuweit  -  Kuwait City

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Reisbureau / Aanbiedingen

Kuweit wordt vaak als stopover gebruikt bij een lange reis naar AziŽ of het Verre Oosten om te shoppen [ het is een paradijs voor shoppers ].  =  Aytour uit Starnberg in Duitsland

Reisgidsen Kuweit / Reisliteratuur

 Bruna  -   

Reisgids Koeweit - Marco Polo - ISBN 9783829703451 Marco Polo reisgids Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait - Koeweit.
 De Golf - Lieve Joris
Reisverhaal Saoedi-ArabiŽ, Emraten, Bahrein & Koeweit
 Landkaart - Wegenkaart - Autokaart
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten - Persische Golf - Koeweit - Oman
Uitgegeven door Freytag & Berndt.
 Wegenkaart - landkaart Koeweit - Kuwait and Kuwait City

 Slag om Kuweit  -  Joost van der Meer

Vervoer / Hoe kom ik in Kuweit

 Luchthaven van Kuweit

 Vliegtickets Koeweit / goedkoop vliegen naar Koeweit 
Diverse aanbieders, prijsvergelijking vliegtickets Koeweit mogelijk.

  -  Vliegtickets naar Koeweit

 Kuwait Airways
Koeweitse luchtvaartmaatschappij. Vliegt o.a. vanaf Brussel en Frankfurt


 Kuwait Public Transport Company [ openbaar vervoer Kuweit ]

 Kuwait GIS Maps  -  kaarten van Kuweit
 Online kaart van Kuweit [ Uni Texas  -  Perry-CastaŮeda Library  -  Map Collection ]

Links / Verwijzingen

 LOI  - 
Na de cursus leg je gemakkelijker contact met Arabieren en ben je in staat een gesprekje te voeren. Verder leer je het Arabisch zodanig verstaan dat je programma's op radio en tv aardig kunt volgen.

Blauw vierkantje - illu Kuwait Information Office  -  allerhande info  -  uitgebreide link-pagina

Blauw vierkantje - illu Kuweit Stad  -  Hoofdstad van Koeweit
Wellicht het drukste financiŽle en handelscentrum van het Midden-Oosten

Blauw vierkantje - illu Al Ahmadi [ muhafazah ]
Blauw vierkantje - illu Al Jahrah
Blauw vierkantje - illu Al Kuwayt
Blauw vierkantje - illu Hawalli
Blauw vierkantje - illu Al Farwaniyah

Blauw vierkantje - illu Safat
Blauw vierkantje - illu Salwa

Blauw vierkantje - illu Bayt Al-Badr
An old house located next to Al-Sadu house, Bayt Al-Badr was built between 1838 and 1848. It possesses a fine example of the famous front doors of old Kuwait. Local handicrafts are sometimes displayed here.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Liberation Tower
The symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the unmistakable sign of the country's resurgence, the Liberation Tower is one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Parelduiken  -  Parelduiken
Pearls (dana), not oil, once formed the basis of Kuwait's wealth. Now, annual pearl diving festivals help today's generation experience the excitement and hardship that their forefathers faced. Such festivals are a tribute to men who dedicated their lives to the pearling industry.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Vissen 
Besides zubaidi and hamout, fish of almost every conceivable shape and variety in the waters off Kuwait are there for the taking. The range of fish includes six different types of shark, two types of barracuda, stinging and non-stinging ray fish, four varieties of mackerel and tuna, and an array of soles, breams, snappers, rock and cat fish, flounders, cobias, puffers and needlefish. You can go fishing with sophisticated long casting rods, from prominent rocks and the ends of piers using simple poles, lines and hooks or wire baskets to catch fry from the water off the beaches using nets held by several persons, from boats using trawls and multi -hooked lines. Many of the experts use home-made equipment. Both simple and sophisticated fishing tackle is available in the shops.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Zeilen
Kuwait is a sailor's paradise. The seas offshore is seldom really rough, but there is nearly always a moderate breeze. Boats range from small sailing dinghies to large yachts. The Yatch Club has a marina with 300 fully serviced berths. Many of the sea clubs have marinas and organise sailing activities. The Kuwait Offshore Sailing Association organises races, including one from Kuwait to Bahrain.

Cuisine  -  Koeweitse keuken

Blauw vierkantje - illu Cooking of the Gulf: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Tess Mallos
Even the most serious and well-travelled of cooks would be amazed at the vast array of spices and fresh ingredients available in the markets of the Gulf States. The arid landscape of the region contrasts remarkably with the abundance of food and flavours. Cooking of the Gulf enables you to bring these unique flavours into your kitchen. With easy-to-prepare recipes, you will be able to delight family and friends with the aromatic flavours of Arabic cooking.
Paperback 64 pages (May 1, 2004); Publisher: Parkway Publishing; Language: English; ISBN: 1898259062
Blauw vierkantje - illu Culinair - arabische recepten

Geschiedenis van Kuweit

Archaeological finds on Failaka, the largest of Kuwait's nine islands, suggests it was a trading post at the time of the ancient Sumerians. Failaka appears to have continued to serve as a market for approximately 2,000 years, and was known to the ancient Greeks. Despite its long history as a market and sanctuary for traders, Failaka appears to have been abandoned as a permanent settlement in the 1st century A.D. Kuwait's modern history began in the 18th century with the founding of the city of Kuwait by the Uteiba, a subsection of the Anaiza tribe, who are believed to have traveled north from Qatar.

Onafhankelijk van Groot-BrittanniŽ op 19 juni 1961

Blauw vierkantje - illu Kuwait's History  -  Wikipedia
Ancient History of Kuwait [ The Anazia, The al-Jalahimas, al-Khalifas, and al-Sabahs ], The British Empire, The Assassination of Muhammad bin Sabah, Mubarak the Great, The Anglo-Ottoman Convention, The Border War with Nejd, The Uqair Protocol, Conflict with Iraq, and more.
Blauw vierkantje - illu Kuwait: The Growth of a Historic Identity  -  B.J. Slot (Editor)
The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 - 1 placed the questions of Kuwait's origins and statehood under the spotlight as never before, making them a matter of pressing concern both for the Kuwaitis themselves and for the world at large. During the 1990s a great deal of scholarly effort has been focused on the particular circumstances of Kuwait's emergence as a state, and as a result much new material has been brought to light. This series of papers, presented at Peterhouse College, Cambridge, on 19 May 1995 by five leading scholars in the field, explores the historical, political and social processes which governed the birth, survival, prosperity and ultimate sovereignty of this unique Arab maritime polity.
Hardcover 144 pages (October 1, 2002); Publisher: Arabian Publishing Ltd.; Language: English; ISBN: 0954479211
Blauw vierkantje - illu  -  era, rulers and gates
Blauw vierkantje - illu Mubarak Al-Sabah: Founder of Modern Kuwait, 1896-1915 - Ben J. Slot, William Facey (Editor)
Hardcover 484 pages (December 1, 2005); Publisher: Arabian Publishing Ltd. ; Language: English; ISBN: 0954479246
Blauw vierkantje - illu The Ottoman Gulf: The Creation of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, 1870-1914
Frederick F. Anscombe
Aiming to dispel the notion that Britain is exclusively responsible for the formation of the Persian Gulf's modern states, this text puts into perspective the central roles played by the Ottoman empire and explains the reasons behind the Ottoman occupation of the Persian Gulf in 1871.
Paperback 288 pages (January 1998); Publisher: Columbia University Press; Language: English; ISBN: 0231108397
Blauw vierkantje - illu Nationaal Museum van Koeweit
Blauw vierkantje - illu Sadu House
Blauw vierkantje - illu Tareq Rajab Museum

Muziek, Cultuur & Entertainment

Blauw vierkantje - illu Music of Kuwait
Kuwait is known as the center for sawt, a bluesy style of music. Traditional Kuwaiti music is mostly performed by women in private.

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